Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

attention is obviously what you crave when you, at the end of your heartfelt bull ca-ca, tell me to go to your site and leave you comments. and honestly your bull ca-ca is so heartfelt - so yay for you. i really respect that kinda passion.

oh your sense of humor is so fucking great because of it's elite, "put people down" tactics and classless name calling. wow, gold star brah. who are you Wally George?

i guess i can spit in someone's face, and say, "HAHA just kidding!" and then tell them that they've got no sense of humor when they don't appreciate the comedy of the joke. and from my point of view, i'd be CORRECT.

so when you tell me that i have no sense of humor, and that my pot is not the best, and that maybe im not as mellow as you thought i was.... that's your opinion. and like your asshole, you're entitled to have it.

here's some news i'll sprinkle down for yo to suck on: TUFF SHIT MONKEY CHEESE, i never said i was funny, i never said my pot was the best, and everyone who reads this site knows im a fucking nut job loose cannon with a chip on his shoulder.

whats funny is that we're on to you, and your shitty attention starved ways.

keep begging.

wah wah... cry me a river, while i shit you out of my blog.

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