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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

it looks like i used photoshop! i didn't. i just used these arrows to block the blinding sunlight, and kapow.

the battle plan for when i wake up:

hop in the truck and pray for a miracle that the sondabitch will start up on the pithy ass battery that barely holds a charge. assuming i getter goin and shit, i head straight to East West Bank to cash my pay checks, of course leaving my truck running in the parking lot.

next stop, pep boys. i have the battery i want all shopped out nicely, and so imma get my truck back to normal again. i hate being affraid to turn it off all day, that ain't working with me.

which brings me to the part of the day i will get as high as humanly possible in preparation for the dentist (cottonmouth = good for dentists), i have a 2-o-clock in beverly hills. "deep cleaning" they call it.

it's funny how it's actually a hard choice between suffering at the dentist, or letting all those candy bars and soda pops rot your teeth out of your skull. maybe i'll flip a coin.

i derno when i will get home, but i plan on just taking as many bong hits as i can. i want to induce a bonghit-headache. i love those. overkill is my middle name.

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