Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Thursday, February 24, 2005


From: Igor
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2005 18:10:04 -0800
Subject: a comment about comments

hello anti,

in your latest weblog post, you've complained about no one leaving comments. since it sounds like you want feedback from your readers, I thought I'd drop you a line about this subject. (perhaps its ironic I'm not leaving this in your comments, but haloscan has comment-length limitations)

I don't think the reason that people don't leave comments on your weblog is the content. your posts are generally about life and probably apply to most of your readers. most of your posts I either agree with or disagree with, but either way, I usually have an opinion. but...

I suspect people are generally intimidated. for two reasons. first, you recently got rid of the "people I've met" blogroll, which wasn't helping. it makes it seem as though the readers of your blog are other well-known bloggers, and its like walking into a party where everyone seems to know each other. the list was great because it helped readers find intertwining blog-stories (like reading about your trip to nyc to visit jamie from both his perspective and yours) but I think it intimidates your readers a bit. but I think it is just part of a larger issue...

which is that your online persona is intimidating. in a recent post you said:

"anti is cool, cocky, and has tight game. anti knows his shit, and comes off like some kind of great guy. well, hi... meet john, Im John. and im not really very cool. socially im shy, quiet and a scared mouse. and yes im a great guy... but the "anti" you read isn't the John that exists on a daily. it's only the me i wish i was. it's the me i only SOMETIMES am."

which was remarkably insightful. I think the "cool, cocky" anti comes off as the sort of person that wouldn't really care about what his readers think about an issue. I'm not telling you to change your online persona, I'm just saying it might be a reason why no one posts.

in the post, by the way, you've hit on a really interesting subject: the difference between bloggers online and offline persona. it's been said many times that blogs are just about vanity, and for a long time I thought it was true: people living big lives and telling the world about it. but really, I suspect blogs are less about who a person actually is and more about who they wish they were. the reason I am telling you this is that it seems like you've met a lot of bloggers in real life and are in a unique position to know if this is true or not.

anyway, keep up the great work. I hope you don't get all weirded out from me sending you this long, unsolicited email.



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