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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

deathwish? yah call it what you want. call it a deathprayer if you're religious. i call it hostility at it's finest.

do you feel the heat of my front tires rubbing your back tires? i do too, and i hope it's pressuring you out of my existence. im banking on you not being able to handle life in the kitchen, if ya can't take the heat, boogie on outta here or some jazz like that.

im onto you fuckery fucks who play dangerous games. it's YOU with the deathwish. welcome to the jungle my babies, you're gonna DIE.

i think its good, and i think im jesus, or that i CAN be. at least im the closest thing to jesus i'll ever find. just like everyone is their own salvation.

i just want to rest my arms, and let my bones feel warm and safe and secure for once.

im dredding life as i know it. i've been trying to ram happiness down my throat, hoping that if i danced liked they did on TV, no one would notice i was just a novice hack who was fooling the majority. i can't run from the pain, not unless i want it to well up into something that could be really dangerous for myself.

don't fuck with a man who just wants to go home.

right now yes i do take comfort in what i know... and i know how to be alone. and alone is what is making everything twenty million times more chaotic.

god damn my problems are pithy. sorry world.

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