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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

yah i did i said it i BOUGHT IT (at target) i love target, and by love i mean hate, becaseu it's craack coacain to one's wallet, and you need to lopok down at the floor as you walk to the register, to avoid buying that waffle iron and that industrail size bottle of febreeze that's on clearance.

the lines are terrible, it's where you wonder why you needed that fucking plasctic peice of shit accessory for your car's dash board. and for some reason all the crying-est little-est- shity-est brats are wiping their snot on teh walls and floors and everything whilst wailing like the possesed demons that they are.

good times.

i also am of the firm belief that if you dont like what you're taking to the register, it's you're duty to place it somewhere random where it doesn't belong. i had to explain this to tanky as she reluctantly parted with many tee shirts that where on clearance.

i told her, "dont put those BACK!!! put those in that pepsi cooler. they have a zoning team here. it's their job."

and it's like you gotta make sure those fuckers have work to do, nahmean?

the one thing that sucks is that a red shirt, and tan pants is a common outfit or me. i like the colors. it's also the uniform for "target team members" aka: the losers that work there were red shirts, and tan pants. if you accidentally wear that to target, you feel like a true genius. or a total idiot. i forget which one.

targets biggest flaw? no tobacco. they sell everything from milk and cookies to DVD players to mop and glow to palm trees. but no camel wides. wtf?

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