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Sunday, January 09, 2005

when i drove the two hours to victorville friday morning, it was an adventure fighting the weather. you know us clifornian's are retarded, because i was like all excited when i saw the snow, i had to take a picture of it. i laughed to myself that any ordinary person who was more used to snow would be annoyed, not excited.

i finnaly got there with enough time to pick up extra supplies from the home depot, and an egg mcmuffin from mcdonald's, and i zoomed on over to the car dealership where it was raining so hard it felt we were getting an inch a minute.

i greeted the bosses and told them my battle plan, which was to find shelter to build their signs. they didn't seem to mind, and so i told them id be back with everything built in an hour. and drove off to find somewhere to work.

gimme shelter!

it was easier than i thought, and i got all comfortable, and built my shit in peace and quiet.

it made me laugh when the viking called me up on my way home, coming back down the hill. he said, "whats up Soppy sizzle?!" assuming i would be as soaked as he was. i guess he had a mornign from hell, and a new helper, so it was twice the mindfuck of a normal rainy morning.

the next day i showed up super early because i wanted to put up the american flags before the sales staff arrived, so that when they saw it, it would look tits. and it did.

my singwalkers made it an hour early which was good, because it was so fucking cold and hellish, we all ate breakfast burritos and warmed up. well i was warm all day in my car with the heater on.... but they dont know that.

my walkers were off at 4pm... the dealership closed for the weekend at 6pm, and i was HOME by 8:30. i would have been home earlier, but ppl in los angeles drive like assholes in the rain, cause car crashes, and make traffic ri-goddamned-diculous.

i also spent half the car ride not knowing that i was sitting on my bic lighter, so i couldn't light my cigarettes, and i was getting PISSED.

since i have been home i have not barley moved, and in fact i held a mirror under my OWN nose to check if i was still breathing. i was. (phew)

i used to only steal music, but now im feeling more and more guilty about that, so i spent all day buying music from itunes. i think it's both very fun to use, and extremely over priced.

i love you blog freaks, now good night.

or peace out until i need to ramble more.

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