Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

people want to leave me comments, and i understand, because comments are fun, and i think that if i ONLY got ass kissing comments like, "anti you are so smart and good looking" then it would be on like king kong.

comments make me nervous because i dont like people. and mostly i dont like someone coing into a place no less sacred to me than a hand written journal, and try and cuase me grief.

i like that when i come here to MY blog that i've built, it will look exactly how it looked when i last saw it.

no surprises. i hate surprises.

and man, people want to tell you stuff sometimes, and i am all ears, i really am. that's why i have AN EMAIL ADRESSS. my friends who know me email me all the time, because they know i will read it, and when appropiate. reply to it.

not to mention comments tend to weird out a blogger. i remember there was a time when i was COMMENT OBSESSED. and like i wouldn't post anopther blog post until i felt i had enough comments from current post. how lame.

if i want to write, i shoudl just write. not wait for 4 comments on a post instead of only getting 2. WHO CARES?!

im glad i dont have commments, and dont stress out about being the comment police on my site, and welp. that's how it is folks.

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