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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

life is too short to make all your own mistakes.

it's not true for everything and i wish it was. like somethings you just KNOW ALREADY. you dont have to fall off a building to know it hurts.

other things can never be taught or can never be described to you until you DO IT YOURSELF. im sorry, but until you eat acid, you dont know what trippin is all about. and it wasn't until i started smoking did i have any idea what addiction felt like.

but when you think about it, life IS short. and if a person is luckily enough to learn a lesson from someone ELSE's mistakes, they should fucking RETAIN that info, and be stoked.

but i dont think people do. i think history repeats itself OVER AND OVER again, because no one is taking the time to learn from eachother.

my mom regretted giving birth to her first child (my sister carrie) when she was only 19 years old. NOW DONT GET THIS CONFUSED... my mom loves carrie, and DOES NOT REGRET having carrie as a daughter. carrie is a person and my oldest sister, and we are not talking about the person.

my mom wished she could have had carrie AFTER college, or AFTER she had some $$$ so that carrie could have had a better life. AND THE ONE THING my mom wanted to make sure never happened, was that carrie (or her other daughter ginger) didn't have children too young like she did. because it is to everyone's benefit to not have your first kid when you're 19 years old.

well carrie and ginger BOTH were pregnant at 19. like mother, like daughter.

and it's a blessing it truly is. my sisters, mom and i all LOVE our sweet little additions to the family. ALL THREE OF THEM. they are little angels, and my sisters are VERY VERY proud of their cute little daughters.

but guess what, my sisters hope that their daughters dont get pregnant at 19. just like my mom wished that for her daughters. because when you have a child that young, it's increasingly difficult to finish college, hold a job, and keep food in everyone's mouth.

it's a hard anology to make, because people are not mistakes. and my sisters, and their kids ARE NOT mistakes. the people are WONDERFUL. we love them. the timing was the mistake. being 19 and a mother, that's just not recipe for success. luckily my mom, AND MY SISTERS, have beaten the odds. they got their college degrees. they got married. and they each live in a Single FAmily Residence with their happy family. but both of them have told me in private, that in a perfect world, they would have the SAME PERFECT KIDS, but not while being a 19 year old girl.

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