Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Monday, January 24, 2005

im very proud of the pics i have been taking on my buzznet account. check them out, leave wonderful comments about how hihg you wish you were.

and if you don't have a buzznet account, i want to ask you why. everyone has one, it's free and more fun than you'd guess. just look how big it's blown up.

perhaps you're thinking, "i have a blog, and that site's nothing but pics that you can comment on. why should i care?

but remember that trying out new things is good, and not going to kill you. and what.... you're too "busy" reading blogs? hah.

i have the solution to that feeling of the world on your shoulders.

tell all your secrets. dont have lies.

it's like the stripper who lies to her parents, and tells them that she's a "bartender"... but she never knows man... one of his budies could walk in at any second.

or how tom leykis tells men that they shouldn't cheat on their girlfriend. they should dump the girlfriend if they want to mess around, or at least see if she's down to see other people. but never should you lead a double life.

because man, NO ONE is that good at lying, and you're gonna feel so much better when you have nothing to hide.

i know this is lame, because im 25 years old and such, but i was lying by omission to someone. and i was stalling on shit because of it, and welp, now she knows.

now my mom knows i never showed up to that court date, and i had to pay hundreds of dollars to make it so i was driving on a legal license again.

i wasn't going to be in any trouble. it's MY life, and if i want to skip court dates, and pay way more money than if i would have gone on time, that's my busines. and what does she care? she didn't care.

she was happy i figured it all out for myself. but it wasn't any big whup to her. but it was to me, because i know i would have felt like i was letting her down if sh eknew about it before it was all done and wrapped up and taken care of.

whitey handles his DUI's the same way. he only tells Bev about them about two years after they happen.

anyways. i feel great having gotten it out of my system. thouroughly.

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