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Sunday, January 02, 2005

if it was easy, everyone would.... and if everyone was doing it, it woulnd't be special.

sometimes you will feel overwhelmed by your goals. they'll feel so far away that you're not sure if you're gonna get there at this piss poor crawling speed. SOMEONE GIVE ME A ROCKETSHIP, because to the moon and back is a long ways.

some people can only run a race in where they can keep an eye on the finish line the entire time, and could never hold out for the delayed gratification of running a MARATHON. a marathon runner would tell a person like that, "it's not about keeping an eye on the prize. it's about maintenance, duration, and pushing yourself to limits you thought you could never reach."

because that, MY FRIENDS, is swinging for the fences. know what feels good, and safe, and cozy, a warm???? well blogreader, DO YOU?

yes i know you do, and you read this in a heated house, on a padded chair, with your new christmas slippers on.

but lets try and dabble more in the realm of uncertainty, risk, and challenge.

fling yourself naked out into the world. and forget you american express card at home.

did you know that picking yourself up after you fall flat on your face is a skill? but you can't teach yourself how, unless you find yourself face-first drowning in failure.

so take a chance, grow some balls, people.

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