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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

i miss the high speed car chases on TV. where'd they go?!?!

there used to be two of those on the news a DAY. they were the best, you'd watch as they perused through the neighborhoods, and you could sometimes say shit like, "whoa i was JUST THERE at that intersection!!!!" and be all stoked that you can relate to the excitement.

they always end cool too, some kinda stand off, or foot chase, or whatever. i love it.

and man, they're not on TV anymore and i just noticed today that i havent seen one in FOREVER. and it's shitty.

know what else? fifth fucking wheel man. i love dating shows. i like them all from blind date to elimidate to whatever. and they took away fifth fucking wheel mannnnnn!

why can't they ever take the shitty TV shows that dont matter? like that joey show. that show looks painfully lame. just what we needed, a spin off show from "friends" using the stereotypical italian gigilo idiot. wonderful.

and this guy joey (whatever his real name is) he's so ducking fumb that he makes Tony Danza look like a Harvard Professor for chrissakes.

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