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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

i have to truck it into the middle of downtown LA to buy all new american and mexican flags for our sign jobs. the storms tore apart and shredded all the existing ones we use.

these pills i am eating to help my shoulder are so big they might as well be baseballs. oh and they taste lovely too. it's almost exactly what you would guess a peice of chalk tastes like after soaking in diahrea. except it's worse. fuck you glucosamine. so like, when i swallow them i can feel the pills sit in my throat for a few minutes, because they're TOO FUCKING BIGG

so my sign job? victorville. HELLO APPLE VALLEY! but it's ok, my job is half the size (and half the work). i wont even require a helper. (more money for me)

the george foreman grill works wonderfully. my hamburgers i made formyself tasted LOVELY. i didn't even care that i had to uses slices of wheat bread for my bun. my only crtiticism is that my apartment now reeks as though i am living inside a BBQ.

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