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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

i hate that in this culture you are defined by what you get PAID to do, and not what you just like to do the most. which for most of us, is not exaclty how we make our dough.

no one pays me to masterbate, get high, and take naps. i just do that while im working if i can squeeze it in between the real shit i HAVE to do.

it's like when you ask someone what they do, and they tell you something like waitress or taxi driver, and really you dont know shit. because that's NOT what that person does, it's what they're doin until they get to do what they do.

cashiers and pizza delivery guys, AND EVEN SIGN GUYS, are not defined by their job. i wish when you asked them what they did, they would always know to answer properly:
"im a student"
"im an artist"
"im a musician"
"im a writer"
"im an actor"
"im on my way to something better"
"im trying to achieve my dreams"

et fucking cetera.

because in the end the guy who drives a taxi for the rest of his life, AS A CAREER, might be happier than you, because he likes to enjoy his hobbies that he does AFTER work.

know what i got? no fuck that...

KNOW WHAT I DON'T GOT?! a desk. an office. a boss breathing down my neck 8 hours a day. a wife. kids.

some would argue im living the life, and im here on my soapbox to scream, "SOME ARE RIGHT!"

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