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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

i can't believe it, whitey's getting a new car! i just talked to him and he said it's going to be a black 2002 F-150, and the fucker is leaving town immediately after buying it so i won't even get to hot box it, and have whitey drive me around the block, while i push all the buttons, and roll the windows up and down.

apparently when lloyd got sick and was pouring bloog out of himself, and losing control of otyher bodily functions, it was all in whitey's truck.

ryan has no sense of smell from a head injury, but he asked if big tanky or myself would go to his truck and tell him how bad the smell was.

we refused.

in fact, we insisted that we would maintane a good healthy distance from his truck.

so now he has a new black truck, and i wont even see it for a week.

i feel so teased.

btw, i have bought my tix for NYC. and i can't wait to get there!

and in case u are down with ppl named whitey, as i am, here's a whitey that is no the whitey i know. it's just some random whitey.

this is the whitey i know.

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