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Sunday, January 02, 2005


hey dudes. i am fucking hating the fact that McDonald's doesn't sell egg mcmuffin's at 2am. shit they're not even open. and even if they WERE open, they wouldn't deliver me the shit to my door, so what good are they?

i can stroll through the jack in the crack drive through, where they're open and serving breakfast 24 hours a day. but they're a restaurant with a death toll. even though that was like so many years ago and.... i ate their yesterday... i just don't feel like their shitty knock off breakfast sandwiches. they're whacktarded. if they were dinosaurs, they'd be wackadactles.

carl's junior is open, but i am so sick of them, and besides i only like one thing that they sell. the western bacon cheeseburger. and i dont feel like bbq sauce, man.

i guess i can roll through del taco, i almost forgot about them. they are serving breakfast fo sho. and i wanted something from McDonald's but... that breakfast quesodilla?!?!!? beat that with a bat.

but lets face it folks, you and i know the truth, and the truth is ugly. well not so much ugly as pathetically lazy.

i am going to eat a pint of ice cream from 7-11 because it's ten times closer, faster, and i have to get cigs anyways, so now it'll be two birds...


ok. bros and bros-ettes. word to your mama.

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