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Monday, January 03, 2005

from now on, NO MORE CLOSED CURTAINS. i dont need to walk into my house and feel like i just entered the goddamned batcave. i live next to the ocean, and the air is cold now, so the slider will stay shut, but the verticle blinds man, they's need to flung open to i can see the palm trees and watch the sky turn crazy with the sunsetting over the ocean.

the weed man, it's true it makes you paranoid. im not, AND NEVER HAVE BEEN, very paranoid. but i was obviously 'noided out enough to keep my blinds shut for the last four months. so there.

and im going to clean my apartment several times a day from now on, and so far so good. it's nice up in here. so nice in fact that the air fresheners i installed a few weeks ago are finally working!!!! i just had to clear out the toxic shit first. who knew?

me and big-nate-dogg both enjoy the stylings of one hisidic superstar who is really very very good. i love his album, and im saving up for it.

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