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Saturday, January 08, 2005

East LA gang members harrassing my sign walkers doesn't normally sit well with the viking or me. and it didn't on thursday EITHER. but what do you expect robert looks like a vato, and we had to go scoop him up out of the yoshinoya where he was hiding out.

today was a much crazier day tho, but only because i was driving through fucking SNOW man. im sure the rest of the world dont care about snow, and think it's quite annoying. AND NOW I KNOW WHY. because that shit is like ugh, and it sucks for traffic. big time.

cesar will be deliverying me my signwalkers tomorrow, and i trust cesar ever since we first met back in el centro. he called the cops on HIS OWN BUDDY. now thats job dedication, and we like that.

luckily i didnt have SOPP ford tho, the viking said that without any shelter from the rain to build the 300 signs, it was in the top 5 for miserable mornings of all time. all i had was snow slowing me down, but i stayed dry and warm all day. i wasn't gonna go out like that.

the weather is so bad that the radio's are telling drivers to prepare for the worst, and bring blankets and extra warm clothes, and perhaps even food. but i'll tell you what, i already have that shit!! but i guess i shouldn't brag about living out of my car.

and i know everyone has beaten this one to death, but ashlee simpson getting booed off stage at the orange bowl half time show... welp:
she's a talented artist who was doing her best in a show plauged by technical difficulties (Kelly clarckston's mic didnt work, and Ashlee's headphones weren't working propperly)
OR... she just sucks.

i want to go add cigarette burns to my mattress and bed sheets, sianara.

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