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Monday, January 10, 2005

dear 7-11,

i go to your store at least once a day, but not becuase i like it, it's because there are no circle k's around here.

Satanica Pandemonium says:
was your work miserable?

anti says:
the two hour drive there and back was. at work i just tried to sleep. i parked by the circle k
Satanica Pandemonium says:
hehehe all bill and ted
anti says:
im drawn to circle k's magnetically
Satanica Pandemonium says:
its becuase of you kean-itude

So what i want you to know is why circle k is ten times cooler than 7-11. firstly they sell BOOZE. like fucking hard liquor. where's your hard stuff, eh? i see none.

western union. i have used that at plenty of circle k's. you betcha, because circle knows some ackright, get me? circle k also kills 7-11 in killer deals. the deadliest.

what you got 7-11? those gross ass faker krispy kreme thingies that are hard enough to chip a tooth, and so synthetic that they should suggest you don't eat it near an open flame (KABOOM). btw, your coffee sucks ass. you should hang your heads in shame. SHAME.

and you know what pisses me off the most? is that you, 7-fucking-11, bought the only nearby circle k and now the closest one is like... fucking LONG BEACH man. and who wants to drive to the LBC just to support the store they think is best? i'll swing by if im in the hood, but pshhh.... im stuck with YOU 7-11, and your bastardized former circle k location.

i hope you all die,

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