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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

"te quieres ese cosas? para navidad" i asked the pizas at home depot, becuase i had my truck filled with "free toys" from the hyundai dealership i worked for. they were giving them out with each test drive. and the pizas did indeed take the toys and they lit up, and i knew they'd bring home those toys for their families, and it would be good.

what else am i sposed to do while the signwalkers are out doing their thang?

i was one person short today because the guy valerie was gonna bring flaked out on us. i totally bitched valerie out, and she was rolling a blunt in my truck, and i kicked her ass out of my truck, and she threw a fit and walked off to her spot.

so i dropped off a few people and scooped up valerie and told her that if SHE'S the one the screwed me with a flakey signwalker, then SHE'S gonna help me fetch a new one. but it ended up being a non-issue, because i swung up on a lady at the bus stop, and she was down for it. that's how anti does it, he bams it out.

all of whitey's signs got stolen over the night last night. ALL OF THEM. even the fucking signs that are on the dealership... that's so fucked!!!!

the property owner tried to say some shit that code enforcement called and said they were getting the signs up... but my cousin and i know better than that. this reeks of sabotage. we're pissed, but we're sorta in limbo on that job... waiting to see what happens...

i gots the day off tomorrow... and i think im gonna quit smoking and become a marathon runner... well maybe. im not sure yet.

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