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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

robbin quivers asked howard what a blog was the other day, after Mr. Stern announced the closure of his popular message board.

howard was quick to say he knew the answer, and was eager to inform robbin.

he said that blogs are website ran by teenage girls, who do not know how to self edit, and tell you every mundane detail about their lives. he said, "it's terrible, it's like you're married to them!"

howard continued to tell robbin that the girls who write these blogs all think that they're writers. he said, "lemme clue you in on something, honey, if you ain't getting paid for it, you ain't no writer. that's your HOBBIE."

robbin asked howard if there were any boys who wrote a blog. and howard had an answer for that too.

he said that YES, IDEED, there was boy bloggers, and that he thought it was the gayest thing ever.

"imagine some guy spending his friday night writing down his feelings on his blog, HOW GAY!"

and then artie howard and robbin all agreed that "blog" sounds like the noise a gay man would make gagging in the middle of a blow job.

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