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Saturday, December 11, 2004

i've been keeping busy, which means having every asshole, and their uncle (literally), get in and out of my truck all damned day.


that new cell phone i got is, i guess, either a hoax or just a shitty phone. big surprise, yah sure. cell phones and i have always had a dysfunctional relationship. only im the one who always ends up feeling like the battered wife, and occasionally they make me feel like an assrape victim.

but that's cingular fo ya.

last night the viking and i played video games, and ate ice cream, and there's the coolest cheat code thingy on GTA San Andreas where you turn the city into a riot. having lived here during a riot before, my critique is that there was way more rocket launchers and stuff in real life. duhhh...

tonight i intend on meetin up with ryan white, aka whitey, @grunions where woody and his chick jasmine will be chillin out, and we're just gonna old-man-sports-bar it up tonight. woody's dad is like co-owner of the place anyways, so we get free pretzels or something.

twelve more signwalkers to baby sit tomorrow, while these random-santa-ana-car-dealership motherfuckers pull their yackity yackyack up in my steelo. oh, yah... and i lost my tool box. all my tools weren't in it (see it pays to be unorganized) but it DID have both my staple hammers ($30/each) a brand new bag of 1,000 zip ties ($19.99) and a shitload of nails, but nails are cheap i guess.... still, it's a $100 loss and a total pain in the ass, because i get very close to my tools, and i liked those staple hammers.

thank god i didn't lose my Roughneck® 3Lb. Sledge Hammer

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