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Sunday, December 12, 2004

hey what's up stink boxes, and assholes?!?!?

im home from the bars and i dont think that self improvment is masterbation for a few reasons, and i'd like to write them down.

firstly, to improve on one's self, one must take a close hard look at who they are. take a close hard honest look. and then come to terms with the reality that *gasp* you aren't 100% pleased with who you are. i know you're prolly shell-shocked. it's ok.

but my point is that the truth hurts. finding and highlighting your flaws doesn't feel good. and it's hard to put self analysis like that in the same file as beating off.

but im gonna further my useless arguement by pointing out that self improvment, 9 times out of 10, is hard, unforgiving, unpleasurable work.

masterbation CAN be work, and i know you're thinking that, annnd i back you...

but no one would even dare suggest that waxing the dolphin is void of any pleasure. i mean, pleasure is the bread and butter of the whole operation!

also i think that improving on yourself, although it can appear quite vain, is a must do. unless of course you can't find fault in yourself... more power to you, if that's how you feel.

and... oh... me? how does bigbadanti feel??

i feel like im light years away from being who i want to be. perhaps it's my nature to have an insatiable need to evolve, and i'll never feel like im "just right"

my only defense being: why feel just right, when you can aim higher and feel "FUCKING PHENOMANAL" ?? answer me that, dipshit.

and this is totally un-related, but communication and lack of assumptions is very very nice.

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