Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

here, i'll sit a while longer and give you slimebags just one more second...

i light my bong with a santa clause lighter, and float to the toilet over two feet high piles of clothes that litter the entire floor, all so that i can piss with the seat down, and forget to flush. beer cans surround my favorite places to sit, and i can never find my cigarettes when i need them the most.

the itunes pumps pharcyde, She Said...

i dont wear barely anything, because i hate clothes. boxer shorts, and a blanket is the prefered-preferably.

they say "is this dr. jankin's office?"
and i say "" *click*

im used to the wrong numbers these days. i get one an hour. it's an excuse to get up and stretch... or at least that's what i tell myself to not flip the fuck out with annoyance.

i know what i like, and i know what bothers me, and i try to tailor my lifestyle to make sure it's as kickass as possible. i dont wanna die knowing i wasted my time here on planut-Erff.

perhaps i need a checklist of "things to do before i die" ??? that seems like a good idea. like when i when i finally get around to walking on hot coals, i can scratch that shit off the list, and prepare for some other rad thing like hang gliding.

it's late in the day... i'm gonna hit the showers.

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