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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

have you ever gotten REALLY nice pot, and then had your friend give you money so that you could score the nice pot for them too, and then find out that the nice pot is sold out????

it's a sticky situation, because the new pot is not as nice, so you dont want to make your friend mad for buying shit they maybe dont even want, AND at the same time, you think you SHOULD buy it for them, because perhaps they subscribe to the school of thought that shitty pot is better than no pot.

what deos one do? i mean, it's a sticky situation...

weed is one of those things that ought to be bought by one's self. and as a person who has been disapointed by the shitty weed someone bought for me, i can vouce that it sucks. the worst is when you buy lots of weed you end up not wanting. i've even tried to have people take the weed back, but i guess thats not always an option.

and it's for that reason i usually DONT BUY IT for the friend. i can always go back for more, but returning drugs to your drug dealer... he'd say, "what the fuck is this? J.C. fucking Penny???"

and i'd have to back him on that. with drugs... all sales are final.

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