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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

dear ladies,

i'd love to feel sorry for you and your vagina's and how you bleed every month, and the hormones, ect. BUT I DONT.

i dont feel sorry for you guys, because being a boy has it's fucking ups and downs too, you know?

i mean i'd like you to tell me, ladies, have you ever had to peel a sweaty ball sack off your leg? it's the anatomical equivelant to a fat person, stuck to a leather sofa, on a hot summers day.

and honestly, it's really no big whup as far as im concerned MOST OF THE TIME, but every once in a while it's not so cool to go digging in your genital region. perhaps you're reading a story book to a group of kindergardeners, or mebbe you're on a first date and you dont wanna look like you have jock itch.

that's when, as a man, we have to implement strategic leg movements, in hopes of shaking the balls loose, and breaking the seal.

you end up looking rather ridiculous. and sometimes it doesn't even work, and you sit there with uncomfortable balls, and it's like an itch on your face that you can't scratch.

it'll just get worse and worse until you itch it.

and ok, im gonna take back what i said earlier. i DO feel sorry for women's vagina's and how they're genitals require so much maintenance. i mean, what a bummer for you all... but you got to back me up on the balls thing.

sweaty balls ain't no walk in the park, you know?

yours truly,

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