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Friday, November 05, 2004


man you dont know DISTRESS until you hit a point like this.

such a point of pathetic and utter desperation...

it's 1am. im wearing only my boxers. AND there's NOT even ONE CIGARETTE for MILES.

first i look at the butts left over in the ashtray, and a make a face like i just smellt poo. not only is it obviously nasty, and proof of what a diobolically disgusting habbit cigarette smoking is... they ain't even long enough butts to kill my current nicotine feeding frenzy.

what good is the corner store, if it's on a corner "way over therrrrrre", and if they don't fucknig deliver, and shit... when i need them the most, 1am... their potentially finest hour!!! they let me and every other loadie in south redondo beach DOWN.

yah man, im fucking hanging my head in shame FOR your asses.

i mean, where do they think they can go? home to watch conan on late nite TV????

that's MY job assholes, and i need cigarettes, and i want them to magically appear. and no i wont settle for getting into my car, and hoping that the 7-11 asshole doesn't call the cops on me for not putting on more than my current boxer short status.

and btw, boswer shorts SUCK!!!!! they have that flap in the front, that is totally useless. and like, what the fuck with that flap? retarded.

ok, i gave in and smoked one of those butts. it did nothing. if anything, it made me madder.

im outtie.

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