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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

man i love my cousin, but seriously that cat parties too hard for me. im tore back, and my stomach is on strike. picket signs and everything. but everyone's food looked loverly at dinner, i wished my stomach was working, and i shudder at the thought of even SMELLING captain morgan's anytime soon.

whitey stayed over because him and i partied in hermosa together, and were gonna work in country strip the next morning. so i guess thank god for daylight savings.

...because my uncle, god bless him (i LOVE him), is super chatty at times, and hard to get off the phone with at other times.

well he was BOTH those things this morning, and whitey and i literally had to hold our hands over our mouths so we didn't LOL, and whizzle held the phone up in the air while my unlce repeated information to us.


i was raised spoiled rotten to the core, so i always think my uncle thinks im soft, or lazy, or just straight dimwitted.

and i sorta am, but jeeze. you gotta RUB IT IN at 8am the morning after a party night while im barley coherant?

but then again, maybe that's my insecurity talking and really my uncle repeats things to me on the phone because of the same reason my mom repeats things to me over and over again.

she doesn't wonder if imma retard. she KNOWS im one.

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