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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

im over-reacting all over town, and it's getting on everyone's nerves, rightfully so.

i wish there was a way to easily quarantine yourself when you have lost all patience.

but even then my phone would ring, and the hair would stand on the back of my neck, and i'd wring my knuckles in pain.


and yes, the guy who lost is the guy i voted for. im SO never voting ever again. ever.

unless there's a prop 420 or some shit. i've had friends and cronies tell me that they're already planning their escape, "hey anti, i'm off to canada..."

but why canada? just cuz it's closest? if yer gonna run away, why not japan? WHY RUN AT ALL?

it's four more years, and ultimately where's better than HERE? canada's great, and actually there's less crime, and SHIT!!! less people too (sounds nice)

but if you were born in the USA, then it will always feel like home, and you will always feel like a bitch ass punk for runnin when the shit didn't go YOUR way.

who's gonna be there to point and laugh at the republicans when G-dub does all his typical foul-ups? who will the comedians have to make fun of? Kerry is so dry and boring the jokes on THAT guy would peter out in the first 100 days.

what's next up on the holiday list? thxgiving? yikes.

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