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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

I am not the voice of reason or a calm gentle person. Indeed I am an outspoken, argumentitive shit talker.

In high school right around the time my buddy Richard Ramirez was running around town rapeing and butchering up people in the middle of the night I found a dead cat. I am known for being a cat hater. I find delight in putting cats through diffrent simulations. Like earthquakes - where you put them in their cat-carrier and shake it like a martini screaming 8.5! 8.5! 8.5 RUN FOR COVER! Into the cats face. Thats a good one. Or the G-Force test - where you put the cat in a pillow case and swing it around your head as fast as you can. The cat comes out of the bag walking sideways and the shit is a trip. I zip tie a cats tail to its leg or rubber band his chest. So people think I hate cats but really I like their duribility and the fact they hide their poop. What I did with the dead cat was take pictures. First let me tell you the cat was not a full cat. It was only the head and some of the stomach tissues. I think a coyote got it but who knows. So I took all these pictures of it and got them developed. They were some close ups and the eyes were all crossed and waxed over. So the Night Stalker picture from the L.A. Times with Richie raising his palm up to the court with the pentagram on it was on one side of my folder for school and the other side was the cat pictures. This I thought was funny and people were totally checking it out. Eventully I found myself in the office with the Principal, School counsler, police and my parents. What the fuck did I do wrong! NOTHING! It is my fucking freedom of speech and expression. I didn't kill the fucking cat and the fucking paper printed the picture. Any ways I had to ditch the folder and get a new one. Nazi fucking world. And that is another reason I hate the way things are today.

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