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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Friday, October 29, 2004

twacked out people do twacked out things. everyone knows this. and it comes as no surprise to ME.

and so when it rains a shit storm on me, i dont care, i let my work and my character speak for itself, and in the end, it's THEM that looks like the chump. yes im talking directly to you now, even tho you dont read my blog.

hi mr. tent sale guy who likes to make shit up, and cant look me in the eye, how YOU doin?

oh and sorry to greg the secruty guard, but bro put those sunglasses back on! those eyes are freaky enough to double as tractor beams. i mean they suck you in and freak you out. but it's all wavy as gravy when he rocks the locs. who does he think he is? the black cyclops?

i take pieces of wisdom with me everywhere i go, and one thing tony pierce dropped on me is that when someone chooses a side between two friends, everyone loses. i take that into account with my homies these days, and cut them ten times the slack i used to.

i thought i was better than them or something. or maybe i didnt' realize my shit stinks too, maybe even worse than theirs.

like the nader. i think i used to think i was smarter than him, and i still sorta do, but really... he has NO job, he lives off of god knows what, and has sex a fwe times a week.

what part of "the american dream" does that NOT fit into? i mean not just whoa, ultra-whoa.

but to each thier own, and when he puts on most serious face, and asks me to be partners in some stoned ass invention "with all sorts of pulleys mannnn, and like levers!!!" i realize he IS a genius.

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