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Thursday, October 14, 2004

tommorow's gameplan:

arrive at my uncle's house in gardena at 7am to pick up my load of signs for the first sign job. and truck myself out to south central to meet with robert to set up there, and finish out the gig.

i plan on being done with robert and things for that job (no signwalkers) by 12:30 or 1pm... and then i cut robert loose, and head straight to no. ho. where i have on off site car sale at a k mart parking lot, and i'll be meeting jacob. things should be smooth, i just got off a conference call with the head signwalker and the viking... so that there'll be no blips in my signwalking shizzle for that sale.

im not 100% sure how many walkers i have or where they all go, but the viking has done that site a trillion times, it's five minutes from his house, and because he'll already be halfway to vegas, i can kick it at his house all this weekend.

plus i have ownership of his DOGGGGG. oh man, im so luckyyyyyy... lil tooth is all MINE for three days!!!

i cant wait, tomorrow is gonna be a blast

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