Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Saturday, October 16, 2004


i took her home with me, and big tanky and i fawned over her, and took her out to pee, and i eventually broke down and went to carl's junior (after tanky left) and got lil tooth a cheeseburger.

she loved it.

right now tooth is asleep on my cousin's bed, and i think i might take her to the store with me. da kono sto.

oh yah work is going off without a hitch. yesterday i did a job in south central, picked up three checks for the company, did a sale in north hollywood, got the checks in the bank, and STILL had time to chill out and drink one of the viking's bud lights.

oh yah, i totally have the keys and access to his house. wich is set up pretty much like my house (bongs, computer, tv)
.......except there are better bongs, newer computers, and HUGER tv's. if i was allowed to smoke a cigarette in here, it'd be heaven.

i think i might as well just stay here tonight. work is mili-seconds away, and there's all the amenities i could ask for here.

...including beers...

now i'll wander outside, cuz man, nicotine levels are dropping at a frightening speed.

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