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Thursday, September 16, 2004

i spent the whole day in my car on los angeles county, orange county, riverside county, AND san bernardino county freeways.

and i handled a lot of business on the phone today too.

see, robert was gonna work for me as my helper at first... but WHITEY called and said that his day job up in santa cruz came to a temporary hault due to a huge fire on teh property, and welp, he asked if he could be my helper. i like robert, but he's just some guy from buena park to me, whitey's da homie

the only thing is robert has no phone at the moment, so you gotta wait for robert to reach you, and we were hoping he wouldnt just show up at the sale, and not be able to call danny and get on the signwalker roster.

Dez called me up too. her and her boyfriend wanted IN, so i got danny on the horn, and told him i am bring two walkers of my own, and to make room on the roster.

then i found out that my signwalker payroll money is in north hollywood and i had to somehow have that in my hands before i leave for work tomorrow morning. EASY SOLUTION, called up whitey and told him to swimg by the viking's pad to pick up the dinero.

now all i gotta do is MAKE SURE whitey and i can score bud tonight, and we're set.

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