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Thursday, September 23, 2004

i have been working with retard strength lately, and fuck man, it feels great.


and yes my teeth are yellower than a golden nugget.

so yah, that's the orange show pavillion across the street, and thats me waiting for robert's wife to show up on her spot, so she can take the sign, and get to work. our signwalking signs used to only have a large sign on the botton, and a smaller one on top, until my drunk ass told the viking that i thought we should change it up, and go with the double large.

now i think every signwalker hates me for it. le sigh.

isn't it the shit how the signwalker sticks act like a spoiler for my truck? i double dog dare any one of those suped up honda warriors to challenge my ass to a race. sign technology is in full effect yall, bang on em.

and fuck man it's bright outside. i want to go swimming in my poolio so bad. i wish i wanst a busy-billy all day with signs up the wahzoo tio worry and stress out about.

thank god i got new weed in time!

oh yah, i have been meaning to tell the blog about my vegas trip.

so it was whitey's idea, and he was amped, and got my and spike on board for the mission, and within two hours of being home from work i was headed east bound on the 91 in my truck with my boys screaming, "VAYYYYYY GASSSSSSSSSS BAYYYYY BEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" the whole time.

whitey immediately changed his tune, and started freaking out about how he has officially hit rock bottom, because he was going to gamble every last dollar he had, in hopes of making money. spike and i just wanted to party.

when we got to town at the stroke of midnight... we were trying to decide where to go first when whitey starts bitching how he needs to gamble NOWWWWWWW and that ANYWHERE is as good as anywhere, i was on Las Vegas Bl and Tropicanna Ave... so i turned into the bally's parking lot, and we entered the casino asap.

spike and i tried to find some booze before we got to it, and white just took off in his own direction.

so after about 20 minutes of spike and i killing it at the $10 blackjack table (we each were up at that point) whitey comes over to annouce that he has just lost over $100 on slot machines. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH

he was getting upset, and chris and i just started losing our luck, so we decided to head to the hard rock casino... that's where all the young people go anyways, you don't go Ballys unles you're over 65. i think its a rule.

did i mention this was the most dead night in vegas ever? well at the hard rock whitey loses another $150 on the roulette tables, and spike nearly double's his money. i kinda sorta gambled here and there. i lost. but only 50 bucks at that point.

fuck this, is what we decided, even though spike was getting hard cards from Jocey the nice dealer women. so we swung thru the bellagio, only to find it sucks, and headed back to the bally's self park to get to the car bong, and perhaps move the car down the strip south a bit... like luxor/mandalay bay-sih.

it was at mandalay bay that whitey convinced me that gambling sucks, and we got wasted instead. these two hottie hookers started talking to whitey, and got pretty annoyed when his naive ass tried to be their friend, hahaha, and after we got saucey enough, we rounded up our big winner spike, and headed to the house of blues...

at the HOB boys can get in free before 4am... it was 5:30am but we sweet talked the door man, who actually is that rapper named candy man. funny.

by the time we were leaving whitey was mooning and flashing everyone he could, and even trying to steal furniture... spike and i were keeping our distance so that we didnt get banned, and in the end... it was the best time. and exactly what i needed.

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