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Sunday, September 19, 2004

holy shit the promoters of the tent sale just told me they've already sold 35 cars. they're creaming their panties, and laughing "hee hee hee" like little school girls. awesome.

that means whitey and i will have the time we need to get bong strong in the truck, and perhaps go walkabout in the mallio.

dez and mike both seemed a bit hungover from their sat'nite activities. whitey and i went our seperate ways last night, me going home, masterbating, and then to sleep.

whitey went to visit this girl he's been chasing for the last two years. i guess he almost closed the deal last night, but alas, like every other time for the last two years. nothing.

i asked dez if she thought san retardino was a better place to signwalk than adelanto, because it's obviously ten times less windy here. but i guess my suspicion was wrong, because she told me that the hot gargabe smelling air that the whole town reeks of is intolerable for her. bummer.

anyways, i think we're headed to chili's to eat a nice lunch and pat ourselves on the back for being the two most ass kicking sign guys of the weekend.

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