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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

ok so i got a weird comment one day a few weeks ago... so i emailed the guy.

From: kinganti
Date: Fri, 6 Aug 2004 01:30:36 -0700
Subject: WHOA DUDE
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are you really a .gov email person? does that mean you're an FBI spy
out to kill me, and/or leave comments on my glob?!?!?!


Reslock, Eric
to me
Hide options Aug 6
From: Reslock, Eric
To: kinganti
Date: Fri, 6 Aug 2004 09:16:14 -0700
Subject: RE: WHOA DUDE
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Duuuuuuude -- I am so very honored to receive an email from you. To answer: yes and no. I work for an elected official in Sacramento. We deal with tax issues -- but in a good way. I try to help our constituents get their problems resolved before FTB or BoE put liens on paychecks and/or properties. In some cases, I can unfreeze accounts and stuff which makes people really happy. I also do communications and legislative stuff. I started as a writer in the assembly in '96 and the path of least resistance has worked out pretty well. I like to help people, but I also like the fact that a major component of my job is checking all the papers statewide for stories, and think tanks and opinion leaders (and even blogs -- mostly political, but you guys too for formatting and style ideas). Out of all of this I pick what I find interesting and package it for my boss to consider -- which might lead to writing an op-ed under his name, a column for his ezine, or a mailer to some "interested parties" -- stuff like this.

Anyway, I like your circle. You guys remind me a lot of when I lived in Seattle (late 80s, early 90s) and embraced slackdom to the extreme. I guess not so much you as maybe Raymi, who does not appear to really do anything. I like how clean you guys write -- especially Ryan. It's like you read Hemmingway and nothing else. This is very good -- use only the number of words necessary. Tony not as much, but he went to UCSB and paid to have a lot of b.s. put in his head.

Sorry if I imposed by making a comment -- I like people who want to have a good time, but I've always been the guy who tries to impart good sense at the critical moment and get everyone home alive. Be safe and take care, ER

THEN HE WRITES ME OUT OF THE BLUE CUZ OF THIS I WROTE, and he's talking crazy talk!!!

From: Reslock, Eric
To: ""
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2004 09:47:27 -0700
Subject: you can't be serious
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"the rest of the bush crime family, fuck all republicans. they're assholes." -- Dude, this is the second time you've come out swinging on us Republicans. You made an excellent post about supporting candidates you actually believe in and then you make this blanket statement. What I don't get is you've never posted anything that puts yourself outside the GOP. In fact, you've always sounded like a Republican to me.

Is it just that you assume every low-income, non white collar worker in America is against Bush so you just go along? Consider this -- under the Bush tax cut, single mothers that make less than 30K no longer pay any income taxes at all. Look at your next paycheck anti -- look at how much the asshole baby-boomers are stealing from you for social security. Not only are they stealing from you but they don't care. Bush has a plan that will let you keep some of that in an account that you control so it's not stolen from you by the Great Society leeches. My point is on the whole class warfare thing -- once poor people are allowed to think for themselves, they realize that Republicans will actually help them live better.

I'm not into going into a diatribe, just let me finally point out that unlike the Democratic party, the GOP has an influential constituency that is pro-legalization:

Tell me that doesn't surprise you. Ronald Reagan credits Buckley for him becoming president. Show me an equal high-profile Dem that is willing to put himself out there on the issue.

Isn't it time for you to come out of the closet and admit this party is right for you?


First of all, I did not make an excellent anything supporting anyone. How you got that I "believe" in anyone one of these canidates is beyond me.

Anyhow, mister fancy pants, william f buckly quoter, I am NOT a republican, no matter how i may appear to you. and lets talk about assumtions. Who, exactly, amoung the two of us is merely just following the status quo? I say its YOU, mister sassy pants. YOU!!! With all your catch phrases that dont make any sense. I mean what fucking baby boom are you takling about? And single mothers?!?!? why dont YOU try raising a FAMILY making less then 30k a year?!?!?

have some compassion, yer looking down from on high, the leeches you describe are teh mentally ill, the out of work, PEOPLE IN NEED!!! oh but yer only gonna help those people under the guise of your christian charities, so that its like you are holding them hostage, "if you don't think like me, then you dont get help from us" man give it up already. cuz you know you're craming that shit down their throats.

you said in yer email: My point is on the whole class warfare thing -- once poor people are allowed to think for themselves, they realize that Republicans will actually help them live better. well, sir... what makes you think that poor people cannot think for themselves as it is? do you need money to do so? or are you simply saying that the republicans KNOW how to think, because when we're on your side everything's fucking gravy. well look out your window its not fucking gravy

you bring up that republicans are pro pot. HAH. i read that piece of shit psuedo-intellectauls article, where he basically draws the same conclution that every highschhool kid in america figures out... "pots no big whup". answer to me how i can then support an administration that put Tommy Chong, practically an idol to me, IN JAIL!!!!! for selling a bong. fucking a. thanks republicans.

i did a little RE-fucking-SEARCH on your ass. and looky what i found... like THIS, and THIS and THIS is i derno. that last one wasn't as tough as the fist two. but look!!! you are a homophobe. come out of the closet, it's a party.

shit man, i like that you enjoy my blog. and i think that's umm... radical. whatever. but like you are barking up the WRONG tree.

tony backs me, and is THE MAN + i know JG has my back + and true boy? she's two shades away from militant on this shizzle + radiohumper + idea + i could go on forever.

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