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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

i just bought a keychain from the pier that has one of those shiny reflective lookin green bugs trapped in plastic. SO COOL. and it was only $2.

back in the day my mom got one of those things in her hair somehow at hermosa beach's "good stuff" cafe, and noone helped her, they all freaked out and ran away, and she didn't know what the fuck was going on.

her friends sucked. she's not friends with them anymore... thankfully.

i didn't get any love from my neices when i was at my mom's house aerlier today. they all hid from me, waiting for me to find them and chase them. but they obviously dont know me very well... i was just relieved they figured out a game to play with me, where im not involved.

i hadn't been in my car in a a whole day. it always feels weird when i haven't been inside it for over 24 hours. like crawling back into your old skin. and when i started her up, the music was on full throttle, so my ears are still ringing. that damn ipod makes me mess with the car stereo volume in weird ways.

my sinus infection or whatever is making my head pound, and so obviously the only solution is to go swimming. big tanky wants me to steam my head in this big ass bowl she brought over... but i'd rather make pop corn, and eat the un popped corn kernal fragments

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