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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Saturday, August 07, 2004

fuck man, im so tapped out i have no energy to even drive thru, so the old stand by pizza is on the way. and yah, i had a few beers too. but i can type, so obviously im not that buzzed.

stupid fucking words.

i wish i there was delivery tacos, and ther was some hot chick who delivered them to my door... and perhaps she could bring some del scorcho sauce.

pizzahut can pizzafuckitself though, because they are taking to pizza-fucking-long.

im sure they're waiting outside with a spy camera, and hoping that i will light a cigarette soon. because the pizza man loves to knock on the door when i JUST lit one up. am i wrong?

ok fuckit im lighting one. a chesterfild light.

update: i lit the cig, the phone rang, scared the shit out of me, and i knocked the bong over, and the pizza was here, liek the magic light-a-cig trick that it is.

nuff said. soups on.

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