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Saturday, July 03, 2004

once back like four or five years ago, there was a serious weed drought. so me and radke gathered up the funds from all the heads, and we jumped into my car at the time (a red lil toyota pickup) so's we could haul back a ton of weed from santa cruz, where they had it coming outta their ears.

well on the way up, on the 101, we passed through King City, wich is notorious for their speed traps. and welp....
they popped us.

the cop saw my pipe like right away, and has us both get out of the vehicle so they could search the fucking thing.

they found two glass pipes, a zillion weirdo novelty lighters, and the dime bag of pot radke had in his pocket, that we alleged, "we only smoke when we're RIIIIGHT about to fall asleep..."

then they found the money. nearly $4,000 in twenty dollar bills. but luckily, anti's quick on his feet and blurtted out, "oh that? i don't trust fucking banks..." wich was actually true. yet another area my pops has tried to stick his same-name-as-mine, studid, fat, greasy fingers.

the cops decided to let us go... we were either small potatos, or a bigger bust had been heard on the police scanner, and they wanted in on all the action.

then the cops dumped our weed onto the ground and rubbed it in with their boots, but thennnn... this was the part i never have understood... they took our glass pipes, and hucked em straight into the middle of the freeway where they shattered into a ton of tire-puncturing little morsels of ultimate demise.

yah way to make things better. take away a pipe from a perfectly safe and sane pot head, and then coat the streets with broken glass.

fuck the police. those fuckn pigs.

nuff said?

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