Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004


running out of cigarettes can be like the biggest bummer, because you know you don't feel capable to go fetch new ones right now. therefore, it's sit here and wish to god cigarettes magically appear. just call me cracky tobaccy with the motivation being a lil slacky.

i want to see how long it really takes to get bed sores.

i haven't eaten since sunday, and i'm not even hungry anymore. i'm living off coca - cola, and it's wonderful cafienated after effects.

like riding an elephant deep into the saharah desert... your only real escape is to ride that same shit on outta there. so here i am stranded in the jungle, alone and full of HATE. i'm a very angry young man

the funny thing about karma is that even when you don't dish out the revenge yourself, the cosmos got your back. or you and the cosmic forces at work, can pull the old double-play on a sucka. i like that one best.

it's funny what a grudge can make a person able to do, or how much better you feel after smashin to pieces, with a baseball bat, anything that belongs to the person you want to deliver your brand of marshall law to. cars, and things made of glass are particularly relieving.

fuck all this noise anyways, i'm crawling back into bed.

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