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Thursday, June 17, 2004

whitey's all juiced up and ready to go. he came over, and i pep talked him about the signs, and told him all the last little secrets i could think of. i even hooked him up a home depot shopping list.

in typical sign job fashion whitey will be missing some girl back in santa cruz where he lives. he had planned on going to a show with her on saturday night. and the sign job is like the kinda job that pays so well, even if you hate the idea of going to phoenix

or in my case el centro

you just gotta buck up, and make your money.

tomorrow i'll pick up whitey from his house, and we'll go run our bank errands together, since he's an east west bank virgin, and those barely-english-speaking assholes like to hassle us cuz we're trying to cash thousands of dollars, for the signwalker's payroll.

i leave los angeles in 23 hours.

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