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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Monday, June 28, 2004

i'm caught in the grip of the city... madness

being hip sucks.

if you wanna be cool... be cool because you are helplessly and shamelessly LAME. not because you have on the right outfit, and fucking pu - lease, who are you fooling, you make everything suck.

or better yet it is easier to say you suck the fun out of everything cool. or fun.

i suggest you take lessons in lame-ness from me, cuz i'm the master. some argue i invented it.

i wear goofy sunglasses, rock the bed head, i have a geeky website, and man, i'm a loser for like ten millions reason, but i am a proud one.

my motive is everything. all i want is what i like, and i like whatever the fuck i want. you can't tell me or sway me to like something. i mean, i just don't care how much something sucks, i'm only trying to make sure that i'm impressed with myself, and i only do so by making sure i'm as stoked as possible.

i could make it into a religion, for lames that can't figure otu how not to be pretentious contrived overeducated underexperienced dickweeds that make you want to fucking go stab happy.

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