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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Sunday, May 09, 2004

yesterday these chicks told the viking that i looked so stoned that they could blind fold me with dental floss.

man, fuckin fat girls always got some shit to say, don't they?? ya i called you fat, look at me i'm skinny.

i used to feel kinda bad that i showed up to my grandma's house so stoned out of my mind, on days like this (mother's day, easter, whutever). but now my philosophy is that they better love me as i am (wich is stoned), or leave me the fuck alone. and when i show up today, they better have their mouths shut, especially if they start in with the, "Anti, why don't you go to church with us next sunday...?" or any of that shit. cuz i ain't hearing that noise, nahmean?

they all secretly diss me at my grandma's hosue, cuz my sisters and i are the only non-christian's. we're like the black sheep. and shit... at least my sisters are married with children... they TRIP OUT on me though.
"where's your girlfriend?"
"why don't you quit smoking?"
"when are you gonna get a real job?"
"how's bout givin your truck a wash n wax?"
"you look so thin, eat something please!!!"

and my cousin's who are all psycho, and married, start in with their two cents too. they shut up when i say that i'm going to hell and that i'm goin with a smile on my face, and that i can't wait for the real war to begin. religious weirdos.

annoying ppl with my camera has been a new source of joy for me. perhaps that will work today.

LINK: Jay V used his real voice on this thing.

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