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Monday, May 24, 2004

what you fail to see is, YOU are your own worst problem.

know why you didn't become the success you think you "deserve" to be? cuz youmake it happen for yourself.

point the finger all over town, at your mom aqnd dad, at your shitty friends... point the finger if you have to. but that's not living in reality, now is it?

being able to look in the mirror and see the creator of your destiney. now that's reality.

hind sight is crystal clear and if i could go back, i'd prolly do a million things differently. anything from studying more in highschool, to banging all the hot chicks i wished i banged. but either way, it's the past and i only spend half a second thinking about it. same with the future.

i thinkabout how i feel right now. and right now i'm feeling sorta "meh..." but i don't even really know why.

i had too much time to think in el centro. their radio sucks, and i'm not intrested in TV, so i just sat there, and thunked my brain off.

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