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Friday, May 07, 2004

well well well, lemme tell you about my awesome family. see the chick all the way on the left? that's carrie.

carrie was was older than me and ginger, and ten times crazier. she once had a '64 impala that got shot up with bullet holes, she was into punk first, first into mexican gangsters (ginger had one for a bit), first in a rehab, and first to have a baby. carrie's awesome though, even though i'm pretty sure she hates me.

next to carrie is my mom. and yes... obviously my dad scored hisself a hottie. and luckily, i look nothing like my dad.

next is Ginger. ginger may not have been punk first. but she was punk longest. she's still sorta punk in a weird i have a kid now, granola-head, married kinda way. ginger is ten million times smarter than i am... and was always the most photogenic of the family. and when i was born and brought home from the hospital, the story goes that ginger said, "i bet he wants a GIANT taco from not eating for so long..." and the crazy thing is, ging was right!

on the far right is julie, or jules as we called her. and yes that's a HER... she's just the least photogenic in the family. she's kinda a nutter dude. see... my dad left her and her mom in chicago and moved to LA and started a whole new family with my mom. then my dad sent her guilt money all her life. she'd max out her credit cards, and he'd pay em off. guilt's exspensive i guess. julie i think always secretly resented carrie, ginger, and i for being his "new" family. and i eventually disowned julie as my sister in 1995 when she told my dad about my bongs and where to find them, and UGH.... that was IT. but i give it up to julie for doing burly shit to piss my dad off on porpose, like fucking the vice president of his comany. HAH.

and there's me. in the front, wearing some weirdo little outfit that makes me look like i am on my way to pimp school to get my degree in pimpology. OR... about to get my ass kicked again by all the mexicans for being the only white boy in the hollywood public school system. ahh, the good ole days.

use this + and this + ...and please. for my june 7th birthday coming up... PLEASE!!!

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