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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

waiting for my man to call me so i can hop in the truck and push the pedal to the metal all the way on over till i'm holding that fat sack of sticky stinky morsels of terror.

because that's how i roll.

this last pull off the chonger was a cloud of resin smoke, and it wasn't even white smoke, it was like yellow, no... black... and i thought i was gonna barf from coughing so hard. but then i like stopped somehow. i'm gonna smoke the rest right now... hopefully the bars close soon, and my man don't find a girl to take home. cuz i need his attention for five seconds, or long enough to hide it for me by his car. that's it! 5 lousy seconds... ok i'm stalling on hitting this bong cuz...

well that last cougher was rough, dude. ok, i'll stop being a total pussy, wait here.

and oh shit, i'm now a sweaty mess from coughing my lungs to shreds. perfect time to light a smoke, eh? people trip out on my for smoking cigarettes in mid coughing fits, but... for me... it's the only thing to shut me up. calms my spazzomatic throat hysteria.

ok, so the guy just called, but i think it was a drunk call from the old pocket, considering i could hear nothing but loud bar sounds, and hombre didn't answer my call back.

i guess i could find another pipe or something to scrape...

either way i know me and kenneth are gonna have plenty for el centro this weekend. ROCK! .

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