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Thursday, May 20, 2004

sometimes i feel like i don't have a partner
sometimes i feel like my only friend...
is the TRUCK that i drive in
a blue silverado
lonely as i am, together we're high.

this year started off with me being told by a crazy manic bitch i had never met before in my life, that i was going to die old... and alone.... and miserable. intresting.

i feel extremely isolated right now. i haven't even left for el centro yet, and i already feel ten thousand miles away from everyone.

it's not so bad really. especially if you bring enough NyQuil to sleep every second of free time away. then you barely even notice you left town. you barely even know your own name.

i don't think i'm gonna leave for el centro till midnight or so. i'm all about midnight-missions. so i'll show up inot town round 4am or so, and i'll go straight to work... and put up signs until i'm blue in the face, and want to pass out from over working myself. and i'll keep the pace going strong till about midnight friday night. and i'll finally check into the holiday inn, and and not move a muscle till i have to deal with the signwalkers the next day.

the whole time i'll thinking about what and who i am missing. cuz that's what i do. think too much.

El Centro, California - aka, Hell Centro - aka Little Bagdad

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