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Saturday, May 15, 2004

so kenneth cowan dot calm and i are doing ok here in el centro. it's coo.

the town itself is pretty wacky, but i expected far worse. it's still on the mad max side of things though...

last night i drove away from the gas station with the gas pump still stuck inside my car. i ripped that shit straight outta there man, and got gasoline all over myself trying to sorta repair it. gasoline here costs no cheaper than $2.39/gallon, btw.

the signwalkers have been the usual pains in the asses. showing up too late mostly. but they're commuting here from orange county, like 3 hours away, so... i guess i should be thankful i don't have to hire the losers el centro has to offer.

me and kenneth are gonna go to a stock car race here in town after the laker game is over, and tomorrow before work, we might go into calexico, since our hotel is literally a 5 minute walk to the mexican border.

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