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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Sunday, May 30, 2004

insomnia can be an evil little demon when it lurks in your mind keeeping your eyes open. forever. you forget how awesome sleep is at killin time. man.

so like, i'm up, i think sleeping would be smart, or something, but. i'm kind of too stressed out as it is, and i only remember dreams when they;re nightmares. and i haven't had one in almost a year.

i like a lot of stimulation. the hum of my fan, and my computer, mp3's playin, my talk radio on, the tv on (but on mute). shit, most of the time i sleep with all of my lights on.

i haven't done a lot of sitting silently. sitting there, long enough, i'll start thinking the right shit. clear out the pipes so to speak.

or maybe self rezalization is just masterbation, wich i would LOVE to be true, cuz i'm the king of jerking off. it's like... a family trait even...

my rap name is now zip tie, says whitey.

i dub him, "atman"

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