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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

i remember when i was in highschool and i found my dad's bindle of cocaine.

i was surprised. i had been dipping into his weed stash. and knew he'd been partying but...

just to see your dad's coke stash sitting in front of you... i was kinda bummed.

AND i had been pinching his weed pretty hard by now. i started small, and kept taking larger ammounts to see how far i could take it before he'd tell me to stop. he never did though. he just tried to hide it better and better. but my point is, he KNEW i'd be snooping around...

so anyways, i took his coke bindle and gave it to some nose candy friends i had, cuz at the time, i just didn't do white drugs. only green ones.

now i'd have totally kept it, and used it on special occations like, "hey it's wednesday!" ORRR i'd at least have sold it.

i wonder if he still snorts the stuff. hmm.

all my mom ever did was get sauced on the wine.

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